“every second feels like it’s stolen.”-NIP

I don’t want to waste another minute. It’s been many twists and turns and sometimes a straight up about face, but something is different now. I am different now and a lot more clear about how I want to continue showing up in the online space. Word to Nipsey Hussle for inspiring so many of us to be more thoughtful about that.

I wanted to get back to writing stories that mattered and revamping the space that has given me so much over the years. Here, I tell stories, share opinions, and may share about some music that moves me.

I am a little literary and a little hip-hop and those two worlds collide most often for me, so here we are.

Love, and always more love,



Most recently, she was featured on Forbes.com in an article about “Four Women Helping the Next Generation of Leaders.” Ashley has guest lectured at her alma mater Temple University and The City Wide Creative Summit among others. Also a co-host on the podcast EightyTwo NinetySix she shares her millennial perspective on growing up in life, love, and creativity. Her work has been published on Apartment Therapy, The Cut, Essence.com, in JUMP Magazine and more. She’s writing her first novel manuscript and tweeting about it in the process.

Ashley Coleman is a writer and project manager based in Philadelphia. Navigating two professional worlds, she has worked full-time at a premiere music organization for the last nine years. In addition, building a personal brand where she writes essays and personal stories revolving around identity, music, and pop culture. In June 2017, she launched digital literary magazine “Permission to Write” that cultivates and amplifies the voices of Black writers. She splits her work between helping other writers develop community and craft and her own freelance writing and books like “Dear Love” and “Love on Purpose.”